Lauren Pinhorn, Founder of Lauren Pinhorn Photography

Empowering women and girls through an exclusive makeover and portrait photography experience

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to run my own business. At primary school I’d draw cartoon characters and sell them to my classmates for 10p a time, so there’s definitely been an entrepreneurial force at play from an early age!

Having said that, I’ve struggled throughout my life with self-confidence – namely low self-esteem and body image. It’s hard enough during your teenage years, but my issues manifested themselves at this particular time. Teachers at school – and later bosses at work – would remark that I was really quiet and, in some ways, I lived up to that label for a while.

It’s taken me a long time to accept and believe in myself enough to go self-employed – and I soon learned I couldn’t do it all from behind a computer! Since starting out four years ago, I’ve built up the courage to go networking and I worked with a business coach who taught me that you can’t move forward professionally without taking care of the personal baggage.

Making my clients feel great before a shoot is hugely important, which is why I work with professional stylists to manage hair and makeup; it’s all part of a bespoke design consultation service that makes everyone feel relaxed – myself included – from the outset.

Because of my own experiences, I’m extremely passionate about giving the people I photograph – women and young girls in particular – confidence in themselves. This year I launched ‘The Class of 2019’, which is a project specifically aimed at school leavers and graduates to celebrate their achievements at a time in their lives where many changes are on the horizon. My aim is to run it every year – working with schools to create collections of portraits that teachers, the students themselves and their families and friends can look back on in the years to come and treasure forever.

Another ambition is holding event days for young adults – featuring careers advice, mindfulness, beauty tips and yoga sessions – but for now I’m happy building the business step by step.

My advice is to do what you’re dreaming of before talking yourself out of it; believe me, things are never as scary as you think.

Lauren Pinhorn Photography