Lauren Peacock, Founder of Little Sleep Stars

Specialising in bespoke sleep solutions for children aged nought to six 

Before giving birth to my son Harry, I was a lawyer for almost 15 years. I approached pregnancy – and impending motherhood – as I would a new case: by conducting lots of research!

Relaxed about what lay ahead, I knew that sleep in the early months would be broken, but Harry was still waking twice-nightly – often staying awake for an hour or two – when he was almost 12 months old. I felt like I was failing him, despite reading up on everything I could find on the subject.

I delayed my return to work because thinking on my feet in a courtroom, with only five hours’ broken sleep a night behind me, didn’t seem feasible. With the benefit of hindsight however, there was more to it than that: my losing battle with Harry’s sleep had fundamentally affected my confidence.

Even with the pressure of work relieved, I knew we couldn’t go on as we were. In desperation, I contacted a sleep consultant. Despite modifying the advice we were given to make the plan even more gentle, it worked! Finally able to take the rest he needed, Harry became a different child. The calm, steady support of a professional, who wasn’t sleep-deprived, changed everything for me and Harry.

A passion for sleep was ignited and I knew that a career change was calling. After gaining an initial certification, I acquired a wealth of expertise through an established sleep consultancy and went on to complete the most comprehensive and rigorous training available. I launched my own consultancy, Little Sleep Stars, at the beginning of 2018.

Committed to gentle methods which support a strong parent/child attachment, my evidence-based practice sets me apart in an industry which is currently unregulated. By equipping children with the right skills, confidence and support, they can learn to sleep well without the process being an ordeal. With an international client base, I use video-conferencing to work with families regardless of geography.

As well as helping clients I keep busy blogging; writing columns for numerous publications; working with Mamas & Papas at in-store events; speaking at conferences; and supporting career returners’ initiatives, employee-wellbeing packages and specialist parenting programmes.

If your child isn’t sleeping, there’s hope…

Little Sleep Stars