Linda Davies-Carr, Chief Fixer at The Master Fixer Group Ltd

Supporting ambitious businesswomen who feel lost to create a consistent, sustainable income fast

Starting my own business at 51 was tough and yet it seemed the most natural thing in the world…

People have always come to me if they need to get stuff done in a no-nonsense but results-driven manner. My ‘fixer’ reputation has served me well throughout my career – leading to big jobs in the retail and financial services sectors, where I was tasked with turning some major businesses around and leaving them in a healthier state.

Studying for a self-funded MBA in my mid-thirties, I became a single parent. Juggling full-time work, a part-time degree and raising two daughters under five was a challenge, but I did the best I could and always made sure my family came first.

My gruelling work schedule caught up with me over the years and, aged 47, I lost all my confidence after being hit with ME and the menopause at the same time. I took a few years out to recuperate and then considered my options… It was a friend who suggested I go self-employed after following my advice to the letter, which transformed her business.

When I founded The Master Fixer Group in January 2017, I set myself the goal of acquiring 10 clients by the end of the year; 10 weeks in, I’d hit my target! My self-esteem began to soar and the business has grown into a six-figure venture within the space of two years.

Today I work primarily with 40-plus women who, like me, have had big jobs but for whatever reason have needed time out. They all have one thing in common: that their time is now and they’re ready to make a difference through their unique contributions. Many of my clients have amazing ideas but have never run a business before, so I see it as my duty to help them get results fast through my 30 years’ academic and professional experience. Women over 40 can have it all even if they can’t do it all – and I want to be the person to show them how.

Now happily married with five children between us, life is in a wonderful place: full of confidence, managing my health effectively and running a successful business.

The Master Fixer Group