Lindsay Banks, Owner of NRG Healing

Supporting people on their spiritual journey and helping them to reunite with their inner selves

On 24 October 2016, my best friend Lisa passed away; she was only 52 and I lost her on my 36th birthday.

Grief hit me really hard and I came to realise how emotionally numb I’d been for so many years. A full-time mum to two children – living a routine existence devoted to doing everything for everyone else but nothing for me – ‘Groundhog Day’ was my reality.

My husband said to speak to a GP because he thought I was depressed, but the diagnosis was that I was grieving. I later attended an access bars taster session, where the practitioner physically touched 32 specific points on my head. The sensation I felt was incredible… all the shit inside my mind was emptied – like my personal hard drive had been reset.

I went home and, ever the people-pleaser, I set my first boundary – saying no to my husband about something I can’t even remember. My new mindset led to a snowball effect and by 2017 we were divorced.

Living under the same roof for six months until our mutual living arrangements were sorted out was hard, but I got through it – drawing upon my own ‘spiritual toolkit’ and focusing on taking care of our son and daughter.

In 2008 I had my first reiki session – eventually becoming a reiki teacher. In the nine years leading up to the divorce, I’d learned not only about reiki but crystals, angel cards and spirits, as well as mindfulness and meditation. Up until this point I hadn’t put this knowledge into practice for my own wellbeing, but my toolkit served me well and it bore a book!

It was April 2018 when I woke up and wrote the first 5,000 words of ‘A Gentle Hug for the Soul’; by September that year it was finished. Self-published on Amazon two days before my birthday, it was the perfect way to remember Lisa. When it won an award at the 2019 Soul & Spirit Book Awards, I felt euphoric.

Having founded my business in 2017, my life’s purpose is to connect people with their spiritual side – whether that’s through pop-up meditation days, online mentoring or my second book (due out in December).

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