Lindsey Atterbury, Founder of L A Private Client Ltd

Specialising in private client law and supporting clients who need a little extra time understanding their needs

From day one – when I left school aged just 17 to go and work at a law firm – my family have been an amazing source of support; however, I attribute the reasons for why I do what I do and how I’m able to do it to both of my grandmas.

On one side of the family I have a grandma who turned 99 just last month; from her I’ve inherited grit and a steely determination to succeed (she’s my ‘how’). On the other I had a grandma who was suffering with Alzheimer’s when I was 15; she became my ‘why’. Following her needs back then, which weren’t met particularly well, led to a lifelong interest in private client law and a burning desire to help older people in vulnerable circumstances.

I entered law so early after meeting an incredibly inspirational lady at a Women in Business conference. A week’s work shadowing placement blossomed into a 30-year career which saw me rise through the ranks at Leicester’s largest independent firm to becoming a partner at a regional practice. Making a difference was all that mattered to me and my specialist knowledge of everything from wills and probate to lasting powers of attorney and estate planning continued to expand.

Some time ago – having successfully juggled a corporate career with being a mum to two young children – my husband David experienced a serious illness that shook my world. He’s always been my rock and we were happy to operate as a modern family, with him doing the majority of the childcare, but when he became unwell, all I wanted to do was take care of him and support our children through what was an extremely difficult time. Thankfully he’s fully recovered now, but that episode in our lives gave me the jolt I needed to retire from my partnership at the regional firm and find a locally-based position.

I actually founded my own business back in 2017, but it didn’t become a full-time commitment until August this year. Admittedly I thought everything would fall into place quicker than I’d anticipated, but with some careful planning I’m here now and as committed as ever to serving vulnerable people.

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