Lisa Johnson, Freedom and Success Coach

Helping ambitious entrepreneurs to create successful businesses – specialising in passive income, strategy and mindset

In just over three years, I’ve gone from being a struggling mum with toddler twins and a £30,000 debt to being happily married and earning more than $1m a year through my coaching business.

I grew up on a council estate in Lincolnshire and was severely bullied during childhood – initially when I was 11 after winning a scholarship to a private all girls’ school; then throughout my teens at a mixed grammar school.

When I was 16, a female pupil – egged on by 20 of her classmates – held a knife to my throat. I managed to get away unharmed, but I barely went back to school. Years of abuse had taken its toll.

Bullying in the workplace followed and I seriously began to wonder if life was worth it; then, from somewhere deep inside, I found the courage to break the cycle…

In my twenties, I studied for a Law degree whilst working full time. Achieving a high 2:1, I gained the self-belief I could do anything.

Time elapsed and I worked in several corporate roles – working crazy hours – and became a mum to Finnian and Albert in 2011. A wedding planning business I set up didn’t work out at first, which led to the debt, so I hired a business coach and everything changed.

Following intensive mindsetwork; putting into place an action plan; and achieving financial freedom, I became a successful coach in January 2017.

These days, I divide my time between operating the business and helping clients with travelling with the twins and my husband Sam.

On 30 March, I will be hosting my annual anti-bullying inspiration day for female entrepreneurs at Islington Town Hall, where all proceeds will be donated to the Cardiff-based charity BulliesOut. In June, I will be flying to Necker Island as part of a women’s mastermind group for a Q&A session with Sir Richard Branson.

In 2018, I had a tattoo of a semicolon done on my wrist. It’s a daily reminder that we all have the power to rewrite our story, and that the sentence can be changed to whatever we want it to say as long as we don’t allow ourselves to be the ‘full stop’.

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Photo credit: Claire Morgan