Lorna Reeves, Founder of MyOhMy Weddings

Helping LGBTQ+ couples to create and plan the luxury, bespoke weddings of their dreams

Not everyone is straight, skinny and white, but you’d never know it dealing with the wedding industry! While I was planning our special day, I got fed up of outing myself all the time. “Can I take the name of the groom-to-be?” suppliers would ask, so I had to reply: “My wife’s name is Sharon.” I wrote about it in a Facebook group and the response was overwhelming. Every same-sex couple said they’d experienced some form of discrimination.

At the time, I was heading up a team of 160 people and in charge of a £10m budget – looking after all the criminal forensic cases in London. I regularly worked a 70-hour week and felt undervalued. I could sit miserably in the same job until I retired, or I could grab the bull by the horns and do something different.

I’d helped organise a few weddings in the past as well as my own, so I launched MyOhMy Weddings – the UK’s only luxury wedding service for the LGBTQ+ community.

I formed alliances with a small number of suppliers that I felt were consciously inclusive (companies that were already using same-sex couples in their marketing and media without being asked or prompted). My database soon expanded and it’s now full of brilliant people who are just as excited about LGBTQ+ couples! They amend wording and adapt pronouns – asking questions like: “How would you like us to refer to your partner?”

Most members of the LGBTQ+ community haven’t been planning their wedding day since they were 12 because they never assumed that they’d get married! That means we’re free to design something that’s totally unique and personal to them.

Sharon and I got married in 2011 – the same year as Prince William and Kate Middleton. The party was epic and we drank the bar dry twice! It was truly ‘us’, which is what we strive for with all our couples.

The response has been incredible and what was initially intended to be a business serving London and the Home Counties is now in demand as far afield as Cheshire and Cornwall. I’ve gone from working in mortuaries to organising marriages and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

MyOhMy Weddings