Lyndsey Edge, Founder of Stitch Create Love

Fun, friendly and supportive sewing classes to unlock your potential!

I never really sat down and thought about what it would be like to have a baby. When our daughter was born in September 2015, I went into shock. Crippled with self-doubt as a mother, I lost all sense of who I was. The idea of doing anything for myself filled me with guilt. It didn’t help that she was a difficult baby whose colic made it hard to leave the house.

It was six months before my postnatal anxiety started to lift, but then I hit crisis point again when I had to return to work. Leaving the legal profession to go back to primary school teaching gave me a happiness boost, but then my temporary contract ended in July last year.

It was around that time I took up crafting again. Operating a sewing machine slows you down and cuts out the negative mental chatter. By October, I’d rediscovered myself and decided on a new purpose: I would use my teaching skills to help others learn how to sew.

I used Facebook to ask other mums for feedback on my idea… The response was amazing! (Us mums tend to be supportive of each other!) I put all the website text together quickly and then I sat on it for ages; self-doubt had got the better of me again. It wasn’t until I attended a local networking group at the end of April that I realised: ‘What am I waiting for?’ I’d had all the positive feedback I needed already. That night, I hit the ‘publish’ button on my website and set up a Facebook page.

Within the first week, I got two bookings for my one-on-one classes and six-week dressmaking course, which gave me the encouragement I needed. (They say the best therapy is a positive achievement.)

To help get mums out of the house, I’m also hosting special classes where babies are welcome to attend, as well as ‘sew-cials’ for people to bring their own projects and use my equipment.

I believe in body positivity; making your own clothes allows you to tailor patterns to flatter you. By making or repurposing clothes, you’re also doing your bit for sustainability and the environment.

Stitch Create Love