Lynn Browning, Founder of Itsadogslife Pet Services

Dedicated to helping dogs and owners build their confidence one paw at a time!

Growing up, there was always dogs (and a few cats!) in the family and – being honest – I prefer the company of animals; dogs in particular have been my saviours and best friends for many years.

Walking dogs and looking after other people’s pets is something I’ve done for free in the past purely out of love, so to turn it into a career – where I get to work when I like and make all the time I need to be with my daughter – feels really special.

I offer a variety of pet-specific services which are important, but I care the most about helping owners to build better bonds with their dogs through physical exercises and clicker training. I have vast experience of working with dogs who have reactivity issues, which can often be triggered when they feel threatened in some way. With time, patience and regular interaction – whether that’s teaching them a simple trick or to sit and stay – those issues can be supported and their owners witness positive changes.

Last year was especially enjoyable, as winning a couple of awards gave my profile a real boost. In the summer I was crowned ‘Queen of Understanding Dogs’ by Aqua Design and then I collected the Theo Paphitis ‘Small Business Sunday’ accolade in December. Heading into 2019, I felt strong, focused and more committed than ever to developing a company built upon four key principles: trust, confidence, safety and happiness.

My dream is to expand the business into a doggy day care centre and then separately establish a sanctuary just for border collies because they’re close to my heart. (I have two of my own and they bring me endless joy!) To have the opportunity to work with this particular breed every day would be amazing.

I’ve been self-employed for almost six years, so my advice to anyone starting out is to ensure you have everything you need before going in head first. Have you got a website and invested in strong marketing material? Is your budget manageable? Are you honestly passionate about the service you want to offer? Go slow, be natural and always remember that you must believe in yourself before anyone else will!

Itsadogslife Pet Services