Mandy Wong Oultram, Founder of FlexFit Personal Training

Whipping your body into the best shape it’s ever been in – and keeping it that way!

I was watching my cat playing in the garden when she suddenly disappeared underneath the fence, but logically it wasn’t possible… On the other side was a boundary wall separating our house from the chapel grounds that lay six feet below.

As I got closer, it all became clear: the wall had collapsed! Thankfully my cat was okay, but the damage was catastrophic. A storm tore down the fence and, over time, my garden began to slide into the chapel grounds.

The developer denied responsibility and, from the council to our local MP, no-one wanted to help. Risking bankruptcy, we spent tens of thousands of pounds on a fight with the support of our families.

Under mounting stress, I turned to the gym – hiring a personal trainer to initially get me in shape for my forthcoming wedding. I surprised myself – achieving feats of physical and mental strength I never thought were possible, but time was running out…

We only had three years to take the case to court before our dispute expired. Four solicitors later, we were cautioned against putting our case before a jury. Going to the gym had left me so confident and capable I felt strong enough to fight.

The developer finally surrendered in January 2016, just days before our barrister was due to submit our case to court. We recovered our costs, rebuilt the wall and repaired the damage.

Inspired by my personal trainer, I started training to become one in February 2016. By December that year I’d handed in my notice – leaving behind a 12-year career in web design. I wanted to use fitness to help other women overcome their own battles.

FlexFit was born in January 2017. The early days were tough, but I overcame self-doubt and learned from every knockback. I stood out from the crowd by focusing on mindset and offering a unique personal training experience.

I help my clients to get in shape and feel confident; then I teach them how to maintain it for life. Now I’m reaching capacity, I’m developing online fitness and nutrition programmes so that I can reach more people.

Just like that wall, I’ve been rebuilt and I’m stronger than ever.

FlexFit Personal Training