Marie Yates, Founder of Canine Perspective CIC

Dedicated to working with survivors of rape and sexual violence, with rescue dogs as our canine co-tutors

Whenever a rescue dog walks into the room at our ‘Canine Hope’ signature workshop, magic happens… Rather than being triggered by sharing their own experiences, survivors of sexual violence talk about the dog’s story – focusing on how we learn, rebuild and recover after trauma.

Each dog is an awesome being in search of a new home that teaches us important lessons about resilience-building and the science of recovery. I’m proud to be certified by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and we work with rescue centres to find the right dogs, as it’s just as important that they benefit too.

This work is my life’s passion; it’s the reason I was put on this planet, as well as writing books that truly connect with other survivors…

In another lifetime, I was responsible for developing a pathway for disabled and Paralympic athletes in the build-up to the 2012 Games. I then left to work in the civil service but it destroyed my soul.

I also worked in a voluntary capacity with young survivors of sexual violence, but lots of things made me grumpy about the messages they were getting. Teenagers don’t listen to adults, so I decided to write a teen lit novel about a schoolgirl, Dani Moore, and her relationship with her rescue dog Reggie as she learns to define her own ‘normality’ in the wake of her rape and subsequent court case.

When I was made redundant in 2014, I got a publishing deal; the book reached the finals of the People’s Book Prize, which took it mainstream. Out on the publicity trail, I was always asked to bring a rescue dog along. Seeing people’s magical reactions inspired me to set up a social enterprise – inspiring positive change through the human-canine bond. Our mascot is Luna the rescue dog and I’d love her to be a household name!

We deliver training and our profits finance our ‘Canine Hope’ programme so we get to run workshops in partnership with rape survivor charities for people of all ages and genders.

I’ve written another two Dani Moore novels – completing the trilogy; my next book is for children and is due out soon. (Books are like tattoos: addictive!)

Canine Perspective CIC