Michelle Childs, Founder of BizMums

Supporting and inspiring women in business

I never set out to create a national network, but it shows what can happen when things are meant to be…

BizMums was my answer to a problem: How could I access support from like-minded women in business at a networking group that welcomed children?

Back in 2012, when my eldest was three and I was pregnant with our middle child, that kind of outlet didn’t exist so I set up one meeting in my home town; used social media to spread the word; and waited…

My goal was simple: to give mums the support and knowledge they needed to create the work-life balance they wanted.

The result: BizMums!

I first heard about goal setting and the ‘Laws of Attraction’ in my old corporate sales job. Twenty years later, I’ve taken it to the next level (I set the intention, so of course I did!) – attracting people to me who could help the network grow from sources of funding and other group hosts to management expertise. BizMums has now grown to 60 groups across the UK in six years (I’ve also had a third baby, named Poppy).

Women initially come to BizMums looking for support from our networking; those that want to can also then work with me one on one to take their business to the next level of success. Using kinesiology and energy editing techniques, I help them to to clear the energy blocks that hold them back from making money with ease in their business.

I’ve seen fantastic results, but I’m especially proud of the friendships that have formed and the collaborations that have resulted from BizMums. Team Author UK’s group of illustrators, copywriters and authors includes BizMums that have helped lots of other BizMums to publish books.

It shows that sales happen naturally when people want to work together. (You won’t find forced referrals at BizMums!) Surround yourself with people who want what you want; when you’re on the same mission, you lift each other up.

My next goal is to get female online entrepreneurs better business support. We’re not seen as viable for success as ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses, so we need to bring everything together and raise the bar.


Michelle Childs