Morgan Granger, Director of Morgans Estate Services Ltd

Specialising in residential, commercial and hospitality-based services

Since leaving home at 15, I’ve pretty much worked for myself. A country girl through and through, I don’t think anyone that knows me would dispute my work ethic.

I’ve done numerous jobs – including riding horses for clients, relief milking and bookkeeping (to name a few). The objective in my late twenties was to work as many hours as possible for many people. On reflection, I recognise it was a way of distracting myself from the fact my two daughters were living with my now ex-husband. Surrounding myself with noise and activity, working myself to a standstill was an unhealthy coping mechanism to deal with missing out on the routine of full-time motherhood.

By late 2014 – having met my partner Alex, who I now have a two-year-old son with – I was questioning my motivations. One morning – soaked through after riding some horses – I jumped in the car and tuned in to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2. I listened to a feature about the economy and how the housekeeping/cleaning sector was one of the fastest-growing at that time. As a woman who knows her own mind, I decided there and then that I was up for a challenge!

Morgans Estate Services was born soon afterwards and, using all the skills I’d acquired over the years, I set about creating a service that offered time-saving solutions to busy families and businesses.

As well as housekeeping, my company offers nannying, events management/staffing, commercial and domestic maintenance, and secretarial duties upon request.

My team comprises of mostly young mums and it’s hugely important to me to ensure the working environment I’ve created is flexible – allowing them to work around childcare commitments – and instil in all of them a sense of pride whilst simultaneously promoting self-esteem.

During what has been a steep learning curve, I’ve discovered the importance of always setting your expectations from the outset – whether that’s in relation to the performance of your staff or what you personally intend to deliver to clients – and don’t stray from them.

It’s an unbelievable journey I’ve been on that’s constantly evolving, where I get to meet lots of different types of people on a daily basis. I consider myself incredibly lucky!

Morgans Estate Services