Natalie Silverman, Founder & Host of The Fertility Podcast

Educating and empowering listeners on their fertility choices 

For five fantastic years, I co-hosted the Heart Home Counties breakfast radio show with former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter Stuart Miles. I shared so much of my life with our listeners – including how I’d met and married my husband – but the one thing I kept private was our struggle to have a child.

I discovered during the show that we’d have to go down an IVF route. It was a challenge to continue to show up every morning as my usual upbeat self.

Luckily, the first treatment was a success! I finished at the show when I became pregnant, but all the hormones, side effects and unknowns had taken their toll. I’d been warned that IVF forums can be depressing, so I researched fertility podcasts instead. I couldn’t find a British voice having a dedicated conversation here in the UK, so in September 2015 I launched my own podcast. Once I started interviewing experts within the field and people going through fertility struggles, I never stopped.

I’ve recorded more than 250 episodes in the last five years – putting out a never-ending stream of content. The point is to educate and empower people so that they understand more about their fertility options. We also discuss preconception care and the importance of knowing your body and your cycle.

I recognise that I am in a position of responsibility. For listeners who feel ashamed, lonely or overwhelmed, I’m proud to be the person they can rely on… someone who they can come back to week after week.

My intention was never to make money from the people I help. Instead, I have been able to monetise the podcast through sponsorship and branded content. I also work within the fertility sector – consulting, creating content and connecting people at industry events.

My professional voiceover work goes from strength to strength, with a series coming out soon on Netflix, and I’m exploring content production and hosting opportunities in other sectors.

Having created a safe space for the fertility conversation to happen, I’m encouraged to see that the stigma around this topic is lessening. My mission for 2020 is to be part of a movement to get an IVF policy into the workplace.

The Fertility Podcast

Photo credit: Tom Barker