Nicki Rodriguez, Founder of R&R PR Management & LHR Interior Design

A creative mumpreneur running two businesses in the worlds of public relations and interior design

My story started with my interior design business some 18 years ago. I was married to my daughter’s father – a professional footballer – and it was whilst I was pregnant my fascination for revamping homes and doing interior work began. I qualified as an interior designer when she was a year old, but this was put on hold until September last year due to becoming a single parent.

Years later I remarried and had another child, who was diagnosed with autism when he was two. I had a passion to want to help other parents in my situation, so I voluntarily worked for an autism awareness charity covering Essex. It was at this time I was headhunted by a London-based PR company who saw something unique in me – offering me a paying job to be a PR assistant. I worked for this company for seven months and learnt the ropes, as well as being mentored by my close friend Steven Smith – a PR guru and former celebrity hairdresser.

In 2016 I decided to grab the bull by the horns and set up my own PR company. Since then there’s been highs and lows, and 2017 was a terrible year for me in my personal life – experiencing being with a narcissistic and mentally abusive partner – but, thankfully, 2019 has proved successful.

Improving the lives of others is what I thrive on – whether that’s their home life through my passion for interior design, or creating brand awareness for companies (and more profit!) through my PR work. I love both businesses – working what hours I choose so I can prioritise my family. Having a young son with autism is very challenging, but I can give him all the support he needs because I have nobody to answer to – plus both Steven and my new partner Ray are there whenever I need them.

I met Ray when he hired me for both my PR and interior design work, and we’ve developed a great relationship where we can separate the personal from the professional. As a non-stop working mum, he always does his very best to support me – promoting my two successful businesses, attending events and helping me with my children.

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