Nicky Booton, Founder of Distinctly YOUnique

Helping single mums achieve emotional freedom and empowerment through personalised 1:1 coaching

Distinctly YOUnique has only been in existence for a few months, but it feels a lot longer! I attribute that to recognising my life and career experiences have recently converged, with everything I’ve done and been through giving me the necessary tools to launch my own business as a transformational coach.

Having worked full time for the ambulance service in a variety of roles over the last 23 years (my current responsibilities include looking after the mental wellbeing of frontline staff so they can continue to help people in emergency situations), I’m incredibly passionate about being empathetic. I feel privileged that my career has allowed me to develop so many skills that I can utilise as a coach – including attaining qualifications in psychology and counselling.

Although I’m at my most natural when caring about the emotional welfare of other people, I’ve faced personal issues where I’ve had to draw upon all my strength and resolve to get through – namely surviving postnatal depression and a traumatic, challenging divorce. Knowing what I had to do to start living again, which included letting people in and removing self-imposed barriers, has made me all the more committed to be there for mums who find themselves in a dark and lonely place by equipping them psychologically to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve enjoyed mapping out the fundamentals of my business, but the dream is to go full time with it and encourage as many women as I can to embrace their individuality and express their abilities. Sometimes it’s hard for us to believe we can do anything, but we all have something to offer if we learn to turn away from self-doubt and look towards self-belief.

In tough times it’s easy to isolate yourself, but my advice is to speak up and let people support you. Without my friends and family, I would have found it almost impossible to put the pieces back together after overcoming PND and the divorce. The more people who become comfortable with seeking help and challenging stigma surrounding mental health, the easier it gets for others to follow their example – and that’s hugely important to our society as a whole.

Distinctly YOUnique