Nicola Arnold, Founder of Enkindle Life Coaching

Helping people achieve inner confidence and self-worth by challenging limiting beliefs

When I participated in a training course to become a life coach in early 2014, I was challenged to explore my feelings and identify an area I found personally difficult to talk about.

The exercise is designed to prepare trainees emotionally for when they’re coaching people through a similar issue; for me, it was self-worth.

I was made to wear a physical label which said ‘I am Beautiful’ for three whole days; it was a powerful experience and I underwent a massive awakening. I realised for the first time that I’d always battled with my own confidence – subconsciously dressing in black to go unseen and forever questioning my own value. A door was opened after my training and I felt inspired to live in glorious technicolour. My clothes became brighter and I reconnected with nature… blue skies and butterflies. Metaphorically, I was a butterfly – emerging from a chrysalis fully transformed and comfortable in my own skin.

In September 2014, I founded Enkindle and became fully certified by July 2015. In 2017, I successfully achieved PCC accreditation from the ICF, which is a massive professional milestone – signifying integrity and dedication.

Discovering the work of leading research professor Brené Brown – notably her book ‘The Gifts of Imperfection’ – also furthered my journey of self-discovery. I learned that living with authenticity and bravery would enable me to inspire others to do the same – especially my clients, social media followers and people who come to hear me speak at events.

As well as Enkindle, I run the Happy to be ME Hub – a closed Facebook group with 700 members that has been nominated for three awards; it’s a safe, supportive environment where people can share what’s made them smile and learn how self-worth can become their lifestyle, not a luxury.

I recently ran my first day retreat for 22 people, which was incredible, and the high point was using sign language to depict my own story to the song ‘This is Me’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’. With giant butterfly wings providing the perfect visual backdrop, I communicated to everyone present that you need to first value yourself in order to value others; self-compassion is a practice, not a birth right.

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