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Beginning on International Women’s Day 2019, SheCan365 will bring you a daily interview with an inspirational woman in business.

Told in exactly 365 words, each story will celebrate a female entrepreneur whose superpower is showing up every day – making the world a better place for it.

Deborah’s story: Day 353

Deborah Dixon, Founder of The Aaron James Dixon Memorial Fund Funding screening days to help save young people with heart defects My son Aaron went out to celebrate his sister’s birthday on 3 September 2011 and came home in the early hours of the morning. He was in...

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Jacqui’s story: Day 351

Jacqui Jagger, Director of Beyond Boundaries Coaching Helping business owners to stop faffing and start making it happen! I was a bank manager by the age of 25, but what was I thinking?! It’s interesting reflecting back… I’ve realised I’m at my best when I go with...

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April’s story: Day 350

April Wild, Co-Founder of Wild & Wild Awesome people making food entirely from plants by hand and with love I always wanted to be self-employed because I am a creative at heart. In my corporate advertising job, I felt a disconnect. There was no driver for all the...

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Rachael’s story: Day 349

Rachael Sligo, Founder of Little Flowers by Sligo Watercolour art prints and greetings cards for special occasions and family celebrations  As a child, I had two hobbies: drawing and bossing my two younger sisters about in our pretend ‘classroom’! Art was the one...

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Helen’s story: Day 348

Helen Booth, Owner of Masque Photography Helping women to feel beautiful forever with a luxurious boudoir photography experience In my corporate life, I sometimes sat alone in a room – photographing thousands of different lightbulbs or computer parts. It wasn’t at all...

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Sarah’s story: Day 347

Sarah Perkins, Owner of Sarah Perkins Art An animal and pet portrait artist based in the centre of Derby You don’t have to stick with everything for the long term. It’s about adapting to what life throws at you… I studied Fashion at university and worked as a designer...

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Rochelle’s story: Day 346

Rochelle Newman, Founder of New Shell  Selling natural hair products which encourage people to not only look after their hair, but also their bodies  When I was 14, my hair started to fall out – primarily at the front. I also developed intense dandruff. The whole...

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Jerri’s story: Day 345

Jerri Ryder, Founder of Jerri Ryder Yoga Combining yoga, massage and reiki to create a bespoke personalised solution according to requirements I was born in Maine, USA and moved to England when I was eight, which I think prepared me for the rather nomadic existence I...

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Jennifer’s story: Day 344

Jennifer Gibbard, Owner of Jennifer Gibbard Virtual Assistant Helping you take back control of your admin My business is a fledgling endeavour – being under a year old – and my journey to its ownership has been less than ‘textbook’! The story of my career can be told...

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Dawn’s story: Day 343

Dawn Showler, Personal Trainer at Fortitudo Fitness MK Working with women to achieve greater physical fitness in the comfort of their own homes When I was eight years old, I distinctly remember that a close aunt of mine, who would have only been in her early twenties...

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Helen’s story: Day 342

Helen Cameron, Property Developer Building premium residential properties from a very difficult start in life My family created the original formula for bleach! I come from a line of inventors and I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spark. I just didn’t know what to...

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Meet The Team


Michelle and Christian Ewen are seasoned storytellers whose interviewees range from music, film and TV stars to politicians and everyday heroes.

Michelle began writing true life stories for the national press aged 20. A decade later, she moved into PR – successfully enlisting Stephen Fry to back an award-winning NHS campaign challenging stigma.

Having helped hundreds of people to share their lived experience of mental health, Michelle then joined forces with her husband Christian (also a talented journalist, PR specialist and publisher) to create Write on Time Ltd. As both teachers and protectors, they gain valued recognition for their happy clients – building confidence and progressing their business journey.

From primetime Channel 4 shows to ITV’s ‘This Morning’, Michelle and Christian have placed their clients’ products and services on national TV and the radio, as well as in print and online media.

The duo’s ability to craft compelling stories makes them formidable award entry writers, who have a four in five success rate – achieving either a finalist placing or win.

Your Host

Helen Pritchard is a woman on a mission to make £1m in 365 days, but back in 2008 she was heavily in debt and a single mum of two who struggled with anxiety. LinkedIn became a lifeline – allowing her to network for free from home and grow a digital marketing agency which she then ran for 10 years.

Having identified her true passion while teaching individuals and businesses how to find leads on LinkedIn, she made the leap to close her agency and fully focus on helping others.

Only two years later, she now makes a six-figure turnover offering a flagship group training programme known as ‘LinkedIn Mastermind’; an online ‘LinkedIn Bootcamp’ course (dubbed the ‘Netflix’ of LinkedIn training); and a £99 offering for anyone who wants to get known for their ‘thing’.

With a 40,000-strong community of devotees, Helen’s latest venture is to create a ‘What Would Helen Do?’ membership group for those action-takers who are ready to not only go from A to B, but to skip a few steps and go straight to H!

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