Rochelle Newman, Founder of New Shell 

Selling natural hair products which encourage people to not only look after their hair, but also their bodies 

When I was 14, my hair started to fall out – primarily at the front. I also developed intense dandruff. The whole experience was very frustrating to have to go through at such a young age. 

As the hair at my temple faded away, I started to wear a hairband to cover it at school. I told my closest friends what was happening and they were really supportive, but inside, I felt so low. My feelings of self-consciousness reached a level where I was no longer comfortable leaving the house – only venturing outside if it was absolutely necessary. 

I visited my GP, who concluded I was suffering with two scalp-based conditions: alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis. Following a referral to a dermatologist for a second opinion, the GP’s findings were confirmed.  

I’m 27 now, so the last 13 years have been spent trying all sorts of products. Some have worked better than others, but it’s very much been a ‘process of elimination’ journey to determine what works best for my own hair. I know it doesn’t like too much tension, so I wear it appropriately. 

This April, I will be celebrating five years working in the media as a freelance assistant producer and journalist. When I haven’t been busy making TV documentaries, I have been researching and working on natural remedies, foods and routines to help grow my hair backwith the aim of sharing my discoveries with a wider audience. 

In 2017, I did just that when I launched New Shell, my YouTube channel. It has since gained a global following where subscribers share their own experiences of living with hair conditions. For me personally, a change in diet was a fundamental factor in alleviating my own hair loss (I lost three stone in as many years), so the lifestyles we choose to lead is one of many subjects we have discussed. 

Later this year, I will be launching New Shell the business! My natural hair products are currently being tested, although one – a twisting cream – is nearly finished and a couple more are close behind. 

My motto is: ‘Healthy scalp, healthy hair’. I want people to love their hairand radiate confidence and happiness. 

New Shell

Photo credit: VA Photography