Roseanna Croft, Founder of Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Specialising in bespoke jewellery designs that tell stories from bygone eras 

What I do for a living is my calling. I’ve loved gemstones for as long as I can remember; now I tell beautiful stories with them.

I never really enjoyed school (I left aged 16 to pursue excitement and explore what the world had to offer), but I always had passion when it came to being creative. The aspiration to make something of myself was always there, but it took me a while to figure out the right path.

In my late teens, I got out of a dangerous relationship with a slightly older man where there had been a series of unsafe situations. Leaving rural Scotland to attend college in Manchester, I studied Jewellery Design and Manufacture. It was here that my natural intelligence, which I hadn’t felt able to tap into at school, really came to the fore.

My time in Manchester set me up for a move to London, where I worked in the jewellery and luxury industries and began exploring my passion. I then made the move to Australia with a partner – finding work as a goldsmith. Unfortunately, this was another emotionally abusive relationship which I needed to escape from; with no family on the other side of the world, I decided to come home.

Aged 24 and ready for a new beginning, I was determined to start my own company – even turning down a couple of goldsmith jobs. Next door to my uncle’s shop in Bakewell was a vacant unit, so I occupied it and went through a Prince’s Trust programme – receiving business advice and mentorship. Today, four years on, my specialism has grown with my confidence; I’m really proud to be a young ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and of all my business achievements so far.

Becoming an entrepreneur has made me passionate about empowering others to be the best they can be – especially women – which is why I’ve launched the online campaign ‘Love, Me’ to drive the message home that women have the right to choose themselves. Feedback to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, which is really exciting!

Always believe in yourself 100% because the person you want to be is the person that you will become.

Roseanna Croft Jewellery