Roxanne Bergman, Founder of RoxPix Photography

Capturing natural outdoors portraits, relaxed wedding photography and in situ headshots

I was a little kid the first time I picked up a camera. I wasn’t quite strong enough to hold it, so I made my debut with a photo series about my parents’ feet!

In my late teens, I was due to go to uni to study Sociology and Criminology. Something was holding me back, so I took a gap year and did a few different things – including a City & Guilds qualification in Photography.

Doubt niggled… I knew it would be expensive to study at Kingston in London and, being honest, I wasn’t wholly committed to that course. I wanted to focus on my passion for photography – something I shared with my dad. A self-employed Occupational Psychologist, he encouraged me to set up my own business. “Start young,” he told me, “and you’ll still be young enough to enjoy it.”

While I built up my client base, I worked at loads of schools as a teaching assistant, learning mentor and cover supervisor. The long summer holidays meant I could capitalise on wedding season. Being around 30 small children each day was excellent grounding for specialising in family portraiture, but by the end of 2015 I knew I’d never be a full-time photographer if I didn’t quit school.

I signed up for a course – ‘Restart Your Photography Business in Three Months’ – by US photography superstar Jasmine Star. Having completely dedicated myself to working through the videos, I’ve never looked back since!

I didn’t want to spend my life cooped up in a studio, so fortunately for me I discovered that people like having their photo taken outdoors! I hate gadgets and my set-up is very much ‘one woman, one camera’. I’m happiest shooting on the run and when I do weddings, they’re always small, intimate affairs.

Last year, I hosted an exhibition entitled ‘The Bronze Mirror’ – named after the female gender symbol. I photographed 16 female businessowners in my network and hung their portraits in a gallery.

Aged 34, I’ve grown into the person I was destined to be: resilient and self-sufficient. People give well-meaning advice, but often it comes from a place of fear. Ignore everyone and listen to your own brain and feelings!