Roxy Rhodes, Co-Founder of Ladies Life Lounge

Helping women to make changes to the way they live and behave – creating a happier, more fulfilling life

Aged 25, I woke up one day and thought: ‘There must be more to life than this!’ I left my partner of seven years, sold the house and jetted off to Australia – driving around in a campervan for a year. My family thought I was crazy at first, but they soon got on board!

I came back with nothing, so I took a customer operations job at Cadbury’s which felt like a massive corporate leap. I lived a lovely single life in Sheffield for the next few years; then Cadbury’s sold out to Kraft and closed the office. I sidestepped into an area sales rep role (which I hated!), but thinking long term, I wanted to buy a house.

I took on part-time work at the miners’ welfare club and greyhound track – none of which I found stimulating. The second I could afford my £8,500 deposit, I quit waiting tables!

I met Tom at work in February 2013, married him a year later and gave birth to our son Charley in August 2014. By then, I’d quit Cadbury’s and retrained as a psychotherapist during my pregnancy. In March 2015, I opened my own private practice. Finally, I was helping people and, for the first time ever, I felt genuinely fulfilled – enjoying the freedom to work in my own way.

Becoming parents was not in our plan and, looking back, I realise I’d tipped into postnatal depression. When Charley turned 18 months, I felt more like myself again, so I said to Tom: “If we want another baby, we need to do it now!” Finn was born in February 2017.

Owning a successful practice, I could have sat back, but instead I launched Busy Business Mums. I help other mums in business – offering coaching, tech and digital marketing support.

I’ve also co-founded an empowering online membership club, Ladies Life Lounge, with my business partner Jodie Salt. Together, we’re planning an amazing lifestyle show called Womanifest!

Fitting it all in is a crazy struggle, but there’s so much more Jodie and I want to do. We want women to have it ALL (whatever their version of ‘ALL’ is) so they can say: “Fuck it” to the rest!

Ladies Life Lounge