Ruth Buckingham, Founder of Kandu Marketing

Jargon-free content marketing support for small businessowners

I’ve always been a firm believer in surrounding yourself with positive people because their ‘can do’ attitude and desire to see others succeed is so infectious!

Before founding Kandu Marketing in 2016, my corporate career with a global telecoms company was dedicated to creating and delivering effective marketing and sales enablement tools for our channel teams. From training salespeople in call centres all over the country to co-ordinating a European field marketing programme that frequently saw me working out of Paris, Rome, Munich or Madrid, my primary passion has always been to facilitate measurable growth.

I took voluntary redundancy in 2012 during a company restructure as I had a young son coming up for primary school and I’d been struggling with secondary infertility for four years. Leaving a job I loved was a big decision, but I used the time to settle my boy at his new school and continue IVF treatment.

Following a total of three rounds of IUI, traditional IVF and then ICSI, there was a happy ending; only yesterday, we celebrated our daughter’s fifth birthday with a trip to Peppa Pig World and a family barbecue.

Since starting out on my own I’m still working with my first ever client – supporting them with content marketing, as well as blogging and case studies – and I’ve built up a strong reputation through word of mouth and social media. I operate during school hours so my time with the children isn’t compromised too much and I love the fact that no two days are the same. Working with businessowners from a diverse range of industries on everything from emarketing to awards submissions keep things fresh, interesting and maintains motivation.

If you’re thinking about heading into self-employment, my advice is to be totally honest about what it is you want to achieve. Write down the essential things you want to get out of your business and then see how you can fit them around your personal commitments. This process isn’t necessarily easy, but don’t sell yourself short and just go for it!

Finally, never be afraid to tell your family and friends about your plans, as they often help to get those all-important referrals under way.

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