Sarah Edwards, Founder of Purple Banana Marketing

Helping business owners to make an impact and grow!

Since graduating from university in 2004, I’ve dedicated my career to marketing – working at management level at the three companies I worked for and attaining chartered marketer status in 2009.

It’s unusual as a marketer to have only had a few permanent roles over a 15-year career (we can be quite fickle!), but I attribute this dedication to my ethos that good marketing is built on strong foundations and a clear strategy.

Shortly after getting married, I decided to take a 12-month career break and recharge my batteries. We moved to Aberdeen for my husband’s job, but when we returned to England – settling in Cheshire – I was raring to go again.

By 2015 I was back in the saddle at an agency and, two years later, became pregnant with my son Jude. Whilst on maternity leave, I was hit hard by the news that I was being made redundant as part of a sweep of company-wide job cuts. With a 10-month-old son and a role I loved no longer available, the time was right to reassess things.

As I’m originally from Yorkshire, I had no immediate family in the area to help with Jude, but I do have a very patient and understanding husband who gave me the support I needed to pursue self-employment.

I’d always dreamt of being my own boss, so I spent time researching what’s involved and talking to friends and old colleagues who had their own companies; with time, and as my damaged confidence began to grow again, I took the plunge and founded Purple Banana Marketing.

Things have been crazy (in a good way!) since setting up this New Year – working with clients to help them build their own marketing centre of excellence, as well as enrolling on a business growth programme to help develop my own offering. Generally, I’m spinning lots of plates/hats, which I think most working-mum businessowners can appreciate!

I launched my website last week, which feels like a big milestone. Alongside my already-established social media presence, I’m really starting to promote the value I can bring to clients.

As well as helping businessowners to make an impact and grow, my mission is to inspire Jude – always.

Purple Banana Marketing