Sarah Aird-Mash, Founder & CEO of Together Equal

A not-for-profit venture selling conversation cards to generate income for small charities supporting victims of domestic violence

I am a director of marketing strategy by trade – working alongside my husband at his independent design and digital agency Relish Creative Ltd.

Prior to teaming up with him in 2018, I had a hugely successful marketing career at two companies with a global portfolio.

Establishing equality for everyone has been a passion of mine for more than a decade – ever since it became clear to me through undertaking voluntary work on behalf of a women’s refuge that there is a huge need to create a sustainable income stream for small independent charities.

Every Christmas from 2003 to 2012, I sourced age-appropriate gifts from my clients, who produced all sorts of amazing things, to donate to children at the refuge. At first, it was 26 children at one refuge receiving a few gifts each; then, nine years later, it was 126 children across a number of London-based refuges and also their mums… Those days were hugely rewarding and, for me personally, an eye-opening experience.

Over time, it dawned on me that people who believe in equality are already on board, so I needed to find a way to build out the conversation; therefore, I conceived the idea of creating and distributing cards which posed questions on resetting social values.

Together Equal was launched on International Women’s Day 2018 and our conversation cards became available from January 2019. Today, they are stocked in the National Theatre Bookshop, as well as via a number of boutique shops located around London. The charities we currently support through our fundraising include Mums in Need, The Dash Charity and Wycombe Women’s Aid.

Recently, we have rolled out our own school outreach programme which equips children with the tools they need to build self-confidence and emotional resilience whilst also understanding healthy relationships.

My two daughters have been taught that everyone can make a difference, with Rosa Parks being their prime example. To anyone considering going self-employed, believe in yourself and follow your dream. It doesn’t have to be a full-time thing… a side hustle can be equally empowering!

Finally, surround yourself with people who are radiators (not drains!) because their warmth, positive energy and enthusiasm will spur you on to success.

Together Equal

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