Sarah Norris, Company Director and Physiotherapist at The Physiotherapy Centre

A leading provider of healthcare and injury rehabilitation in the North West

Pure fearlessness and total self-belief were the personal qualities I drew upon the most when I founded The Physiotherapy Centre in 2006.

Leaving a full-time job with the NHS to build a business from scratch – especially when the economic recession was about to strike – was a big risk, but ever since uni I’d dreamt of running my own centre and nothing was going to stop me!

Over the years I’ve put in a lot of hard graft to expand my offering and build a strong customer base, but the passion for what I do has never faded. I’m now in a position where I run two clinics – both based in Liverpool – and have a team of two full-time admin staff and 10 physiotherapists.

Of course I’ve faced challenges along the way and had a few sleepless nights, but there’s been huge highs too – including raising my two sons whilst simultaneously growing the business; becoming one of only eight international pilates master trainers for the APPI; and recently moving into a lovely, brand-spanking-new commercial premises in a prime location that has so much potential.

These days I devote a lot of time to the clinical development side and refining the multiple services our clinics offer. My personal passion is geared around women’s health (antenatal, postnatal and menopausal) and I still love treating people – helping them to reach their personal health targets; for me, there’s no greater job satisfaction than that.

With pilates playing such an active role in our daily healthcare provision, I do love taking the opportunity to teach budding teachers and deliver presentations at conferences. Coaching is massively rewarding because I can see people grow.

I turn 40 later this year and I made a pledge to myself a long time ago that by the time I reached that age I wanted to be running two physiotherapy clinics. I’m thrilled to have achieved that goal, but I know it’s only been possible because I’ve never doubted myself. No matter what your business aims are, the best advice I can give is to follow your dream, stay determined and don’t look back. If your head and your heart want it, persevere and you’ll reach it.

The Physiotherapy Centre