Sheree Owen, Founding Director of The Sales Leader Academy

Working with business leaders and MDs to get better sales results and generate profit

The Sales Leader Academy is my fourth company – having started out in the catering industry before moving into coaching and then recruitment.

Still in my mid-twenties when I first set foot into the world of self-employment, the year I spent running a cooking business from home taught me a lot – especially the importance of building relationships with people.

I moved to France and spent five years out there – providing a training service through the use of communicative patterns and visual imagery. In the early days my French was limited, so developing a formula which could be widely understood was so important in helping me achieve my goal: training others to succeed within a competitive market. Back then, learning difficulties were not recognised as they are today, so having a system that was both inclusive and inspired self-confidence made me feel empowered in my own journey.

After returning to London, I spent some time back in employment – in the sales field – until I felt ready to set up another new venture. The recruitment company I went on to create was particularly successful – eventually growing into a six-figure enterprise – but the one thing I continued to prioritise when it came to professional satisfaction was learning and development. As someone with more than 20 years’ experience in coaching – including being fully trained in personality profiling – I believe that understanding who we are is the secret ingredient to everyone’s entrepreneurial excellence.

I spent six months researching the sector before founding The Sales Leader Academy in 2018 – a period which included personal upskilling and getting accustomed to online sales training before unveiling my offering to the public. Today the business is helping action takers (B2B and B2C) to achieve greater success and we’re delighted with the popularity of our Entrepreneur Sales Club, which is a closed Facebook group.

Many people consider sales to be a ‘non-professional profession’, so it’s easy to dismiss the level of dedication and talent required to make the process work effectively – especially when it comes to communication.

Through developing a deeper understanding of our own self-worth and building inner confidence, you’ll become equipped to grow your business through sales.

That is something to be proud of.

The Sales Leader Academy