Sherina White, Founder of The Gourmet Dinner Lady

A passionate foodie specialising in unique dining experiences 

I started out in the music industry at 17 and have enjoyed a very successful 21-year career in the business. As a backing singer to some of the world’s biggest artists – including Sir Elton John and Kylie Minogue – I spent most of adult my life on the road, as well as performing on many a prestigious stage. One day it dawned on me when I was departing a tour bus – heavily pregnant with my fifth child – that as great as things had been, I needed to do something else which would allow me to be at home more.

After visiting a friend who lives in LA in January last year, where a lot of soul-searching took place, I returned to the UK with a newfound sense of purpose – a resolve to get the ball rolling and set up my own company; by June, The Gourmet Dinner Lady was alive and kicking.

The decision to make food my business’ focus was an easy one, as my experience of it is vast – having tasted many types of cuisine from all corners of the globe. I’ve enjoyed everything from quintessentially English pub grub to Singaporean street food. A determined soul with a cultured palate, I was finally inspired to take the plunge after browsing Instagram and typing in #cheese and #gin because I love both in equal measure! When the screen was filled with all these photographs of beautiful grazing platters, I thought: ‘That’s exactly what I want to do!’

Since June 2018, it’s been a real journey – especially learning to balance family life (a husband, four teenagers and a toddler) alongside running a business – but I’m working steadily towards where I want to be. My principal aim is to always remain true to the brand, which is to produce dining experiences that keep the sentiment of ‘the gathering’ as its heartbeat.

I’m proud to say I’ve already established a great relationship with GoDaddy UK and I’ve catered at parties, festivals and events for a number of influencers and high-profile music artists.

When I branched out, I felt fearful, but I did it anyway. My advice is to always trust your gut, because your gut never lies.

The Gourmet Dinner Lady