Sian Martin, Creative Director at MDM Creative

A small but dynamic design house offering cost-effective services to both national and EMEA clients

At the end of 1999, my then employer – one of the world’s biggest video game companies – decided to outsource its design team. As an art director – producing packaging and advertising for leading titles – my role was affected.

Heading to the pub with a couple of colleagues, we drowned our sorrows as the news started to sink in. A few drinks later, we agreed that our options were to either trudge round recruitment agencies looking for work or start our own agency, so we took the plunge and went all in!

In 2000, MDM Creative was conceived in the spare bedroom of a rented flat. Our ‘desk’ was a wardrobe door – complete with trestles – but we had high hopes and, along with a couple of freelancers, a team of five that was ready to take on the world.

The game-changer for us (no pun intended!) was with our very first invoice to a global gaming publisher who had canned a US-based campaign in favour of our own homemade pitch. A lucrative project, our work was featured all over Europe in a whole host of languages and led to a number of commissions from some of the world’s most popular software developers.

Although I enjoy working with companies on a national and international level, I derive enormous pleasure from working with new businesses because I know what it’s like when you’re starting out. We offer start-up packages that cater for specific budgets and then I enjoy watching the organisations grow into whatever it is they wish to be.

I’m also incredibly passionate about charity work and am honoured to have been involved for the past decade with the Epilepsy Association Sierra Leone and Medical Assistance Sierra Leone – producing easy-to-understand artwork for posters explaining what epilepsy is (that it’s not possession) and visiting a clinic is life-changing.

From humble roots we’ve grown over the past 20 years and have branched out into different industries. Some members of the original team – quite naturally – have gone their separate ways during the passage of time, but these days I’m happy working out of a purpose-built annexe on the family home which I share with my husband, daughter and two retired greyhounds.

MDM Creative