Stephanie Buckley, Director of The Insolvency Company

Advising and supporting struggling business owners

For me, bankruptcy was a relief. It allowed me to start looking after my health having suffered for months with untreated hypothyroidism.

In the end, I asked my local government employer not to keep my manager’s job open for me. I was anxious and couldn’t function. With no real diagnosis or treatment plan in place, I was told I might have to accept that I may never work again!

For the first time ever, I fell behind on my loan repayments – accumulated from studying overseas in America. I had constant calls from people chasing me for money. I’m a proud person, so it caused no end of stress. I knew the next thing would be bailiffs at the door and I was overwhelmed.

We often think we need to be at our best to find love, but I met my now husband at the worst time of my life. Gareth worked for an insolvency practice and it was him who said: “You do realise you could go bankrupt?” He recognised that I wasn’t well and approached the problem from a place of kindness.

The day I went bankrupt in July 2011, the harassing phone calls stopped. I could breathe again.  We moved in together and I tried a new medication, which quickly gave me my health back! I did a post-graduate degree in Education and got a job in the NHS.

In 2012, we got married and had our first daughter. She had brain inflammation, which could have led to permanent damage. She recovered, but it made us question everything… We relocated closer to family and decided to use our expertise to help people in financial difficulty – removing the stigma associated with business failure.

We officially launched in July 2018 and we’re on course to turn over £250,000 this financial year. We only take on people we can help; the rest, we give free advice.

From feeling depressed and suicidal, I now have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children. We’re based in family-friendly offices where we can work with our baby in a sling! We finance our staff’s studies and offer flexible working – all whilst helping others to enjoy a new beginning after adversity.

The Insolvency Company

Photo credit: Kirsty Northover Photography