Steph Goodey, Founder of Goodey Box

Boxes of good food to fill and fuel the heart and soul 

Life has taken me in lots of exciting new directions – pushing me out of my comfort zone with every career choice I’ve made…

I was travelling in India – doing yoga training – when I first fell in love with cooking vegetarian food. Swapping the heat for The Alps, I then did a little bit of cooking in high-end chalets. From there, I entered the world of super yachts and got a job as a stewardess. I met my partner James on board, who was a first officer at the time.

In 2013, a Russian family offered James his first captaincy and me a job as a stewardess/chef. They knew I was just starting out, so it was as much of a risk for them as it was for me. Within two years, I’d been promoted to full-time chef – cruising round the Mediterranean from our Montenegro base.

After completing courses at Ashburton and White Pepper cookery schools, I was asked to join James and the crew of a bigger boat owned by a Lebanese family. I went for it, but after coming home for Christmas in 2017, I didn’t want to return.

The money was amazing, but you’re always living on someone else’s time. I wanted my life back, so when I saw a new vegetarian and vegan café was opening locally, I applied for a job there.

Work kept me busy, but I still didn’t feel free. I had an idea for my own business – delivering delicious vegan and vegetarian lunches to busy people at their desk or door. A winter at sea would give me time for planning, so I signed up for one last season on the yacht before coming home for good.

I launched in April and I’ve already accomplished my objectives: to have an awesome brand; create amazing food; get great feedback; and sell at makers’ markets. I’ve completed a Business Growth course, which inspired me to organise a pop-up event and consider how I can service bigger offices with more people.

You’ll never find me ‘hustling’. After a lifetime of big leaps, I’m doing things at my own pace; then again, taking little steps to grow your business becomes very addictive!

Goodey Box