Sue Miller, Founder of Team Author UK

Helping independent authors to get their books published whilst retaining all rights and royalties 

My husband Brad and I are ex-pat Canadians who will be celebrating 20 years living in the UK this September. It’s been an eventful couple of decades that’s seen me raise a family (three kids and three step-kids); help Brad transform his children’s play company into a global supplier; and go into business for myself. On top of all that, I have to manage my physical health on a daily basis after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and ME just before we left Canada in 1998.

Living with a chronic illness, I need to be sensible about the hours I work. I was part-time when I helped Brad get his business on its feet and then I took an extended break to look after my children.

I knew at some point I’d launch my own venture, where I could keep things flexible around my health requirements and family commitments, and my ultimate goal was to get into publishing.

With a background in marketing and communications, I ran a copywriting and content service agency called All Words Matter – at which time I met a first-time author at a literary luncheon who needed someone to proofread and edit her manuscript. A door had been opened and I took a significant step towards achieving my goal…

That first commission led to more commissions and I’d found my niche. Gradually easing away from my original offering, I unveiled Team Author UK in 2016 – using my networking skills to assemble selected professionals to assist in independently publishing books to the highest standards. From 2017 to today, my company has published 150 books – including children’s stories, novels, poetry and works of non-fiction.

The way I operate, I work ‘with’ people holistically – not ‘for’ them – and my service is rather unique in that all publishing rights and royalties are retained by the author.

I’m constantly looking to make a difference and inspire people to follow their dreams. If you have an amazing story idea, you CAN be an author – and it needn’t be a daunting experience; if you have a chronic illness, you CAN find a way to manage it and do what your heart desires.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Team Author UK