Suzannah Butcher, Founder of Calmpreneur

Anxiety support for entrepreneurs and business owners

I’ve had mental health problems throughout most of my life – having experienced a myriad of issues such as childhood trauma, infertility, homelessness, addiction and debt.

Launching my first business in 2008, which was in direct sales, was amazing but with it came a whole host of new stressors: impostor syndrome, a fear of failure and negative inner chatter. This all led to chronic anxiety which almost led me to give up.

There was a five-year period when my life was in chaos. I self-medicated with alcohol to cope with my all-consuming anxiety and I subconsciously sabotaged any chances I had of being successful.

In summer 2018, I was running a membership site for women in business. I was struggling internally but trying to look like a pro with her shit together; then, I finally gave myself permission to start sharing my truth. I’d reached a stage where I just wanted to be open and honest about everything I’d been through, and what I had done to overcome these situations. I was no longer afraid of sharing my story online and worrying about whether or not it was ‘unprofessional’ to do so. What began as a blogging-based passion project evolved into Calmpreneur later that year.

It’s run purely as a not-for-profit venture – supporting business owners and entrepreneurs with anxiety-related issues. My website features an online hub where people can freely access a training course I have devised which is designed to manage overwhelm. I’m currently working on my ‘Chaos to Calmpreneur’ course, which focuses more on transformation and will be ready for launch in spring.

Alongside Calmpreneur, I trade under my own name as a means of making an income – offering paid-for courses in EFT (I earned my diploma in this discipline with distinction in 2019), mental health first aid and self-study programmes so people can become ‘Kings and Queens of Calm’ within the comfort of their own homes.

It was only two years ago that I decided to quit the fakery, but the progress I’ve made both personally and professionally has been hugely significant. By putting my hand up and being honest about my journey, I sincerely hope it encourages others to do the same.


Suzannah Butcher