Syreeta Challinger, Founder of Moments of Sense and Style (MOSS)

A studio and consultancy with wares to inspire – founded on the ethos of courage, beauty and simplicity

My passion is design and creative problem-solving – taking a seed of an idea and turning it into reality. For more than 13 years, I worked in product development for global High Street brands – having the pleasure of working in London, Manchester and Shanghai before finding myself in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong life was great. I met my now husband Rob and we worked hard but played hard too! In September 2014 however, life changed in an instant… Rob suffered a severe brain haemorrhage and stroke – leaving him paralysed on his right side and living with aphasia.

The past five years have been intense and traumatic, with so much to deal with – including the complexities of becoming a full-time carer and losing our home, jobs and identities – yet I’d like to say I have done so with grace. Through those dark times, I’m still here – smiling and doing what I do best: spreading love and creating.

My business started as a blog – a place to deal with trauma through writing, visceral imagery and song. Through storytelling, it became apparent I needed an outlet alongside being a carer… somewhere I could put my years of experience to good use.  In December 2016, I launched the first collection. Today, MOSS is not only a brand; it’s a saviour… a space set aside for creative expression and collaboration.

On 10 August last year, Rob and I became parents to Grayson – our little miracle baby. He’s changed our lives – presenting us with an opportunity to think about the future, rather than remaining rooted in a mindset of dogged recovery, and bringing a lot more love into the house. Grayson has also given Rob a massive boost with his own confidence and independence. He is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, which is special, but we all see him as a true blessing because none of us ever thought this would happen.

As a new mum, I’m learning to be a smarter worker (there’s less sleep these days!) and juggle MOSS with motherhood, but there’s exciting times ahead… In March, I’m launching a podcast as a side project which will focus on life, love, loss and everything in-between.

Moments of Sense and Style

Photo credit: Meg Gisborne