Tammy Banks, Co-Founder of Taye Training

Helping professionals who work with vulnerable people to be resilient and motivated by delivering specialist tailored training

I work at the House of Commons weekly; I’m CEO of the charity re:shape; and I run a safeguarding and complex needs training company called Taye. I also have two wonderful daughters, a husband and a dog…I’m often called the ‘The Juggler’; I love it!

My current life blows my mind! I left school at the age of 14 without any GCSEs. After a complex and abusive childhood, I became homeless at 15; my ambition was simply to survive.

I’ve always loved learning, so after a few months of homelessness I applied for college and was turned down, but one teacher let me attend some of her classes. She was the first person to ever ask if I was OK; slowly, she helped me see that there were opportunities I could grab. I studied for three years whilst homeless; then, with her help, I was offered a place at university to study Psychology. I wanted to understand why people commit abuse, heal myself and help prevent it happening to others.

I’ve since worked in prisons and children’s homes, and managed homeless hostels in both operational and strategic roles. I discovered I had a talent for developing bespoke training solutions when I was a regional safeguarding manager, so when that role came to an end after funding was lost, I stayed on to complete projects for a few organisations.

By then, I’d become CEO at the charity re:shape, but with bespoke safeguarding and complex needs training referrals showing no sign of slowing down, my best friend Faye came on board to cope with the growing demand. I feel like I became an accidental business owner, so I’m having to learn fast!

We now have 20 freelance facilitators on our books – all having professional or personal experience of the areas they train in; over the past 12 months, we’ve delivered 400 training sessions. Each participant had a caseload of up to 30 people with complex needs and vulnerabilities, so I’m proud of the impact our training has!

I’ve worked alongside MPs and served in soup kitchens… my passion is joining the dots. I strive to enable those people who are more vulnerable to live their best life.

Taye Training