Tracey Munro, Founder of Pro Publishing House

Helping entrepreneurs become a best-selling author

I’ve always had an unbreakable belief that I can do and be anything I want, yet towards the back end of 2017 I let myself get talked out of becoming a book coach. Luckily for me, a chance encounter in Dallas with ‘Miss Moneybags’ author Michelle Stonhill put me back on course. She told me: “You’ve just got to go for it! Don’t be put off by anyone else” – and even helped me to set up a website. I’ve never looked back and I now offer an amazing guarantee: your book WILL be a number one bestseller! How can I do that? Well, let’s just say it’s all about having the right cover, structure and pre-launch marketing plan. I use software to monitor category sales and I give you the accountability you need to turn the whole thing round in only six months.

I believe EVERYONE has a story; even if your experiences are similar to someone else’s, you’ll still tell them differently. Once you’ve got a book out, it’s global and leaves a legacy for generations to come.

I wrote my own Amazon number one best-seller, ‘Slay Your Network Marketing Business’, in 2017; it explains how I turned over seven figures as one of the top 3% of network marketeers in the world. I’m following it up with ‘Say It Out Loud’ – a book on positive affirmations (mindset is everything).

I’ve taken the positives out of every business I’ve ever had over the past 25 years, from opening a shoe shop aged just 18 to running my parents’ hotel for 10 years, to then opening several hair and beauty salons. I tried franchising but left because the training support was lacking. Even that turned into a plus though: my husband designed a programme for them to learn about customer care, which we sold back to the company!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised that being made bankrupt in 2005 was one of the best things ever to happen to me; it taught me so much about money and spending. Also, listen to good advice and value, but not people who are going to bring you down… you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

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