Tracy Gilmour, Founder of The Warrior Mum Project

Helping women to say F off to depression and anxiety so they can heal and thrive

The reason I got into social work was because of the injustices I witnessed as a care assistant – particularly people with SEND and physical difficulties. Their voices weren’t heard and I was powerless to challenge it, so I put myself through university and studied to become a fully qualified social worker.

Year two at uni was tough because I gave birth to my first daughter. With three plates to spin – completing the degree, agency work to pay the bills and becoming a mum – I coped and landed a job in the sector straight away.

My career in social work lasted eight years, which included a second stint at university in order to train to become a mental health specialist. I loved my job, but when I returned from maternity leave after having my second daughter, I was locked in a battle of wills with bosses who wanted me working in a new role that didn’t sit well with me from a moral standpoint; a horrendous year followed before I had no choice but to resign. Diagnosed with depression and surviving on benefits, I fought back and transformed my mindset through sheer determination.

In 2017 I secured funding for The Warrior Mum Project as a social enterprise and took into a local primary school – working with mums to create positive change in their lives by changing their mindset and building their self-esteem. The feedback was fantastic and it gave me the confidence boost I needed to pursue my ambitions with the project.

I’m currently working with a number of clients – all women and all on a one-to-one basis – and I’ve been asked to join my area’s Suicide Prevention Task Force and Poverty Truth Commission. My work with both bodies will be hugely important, as I want to highlight the links they have with each other, as well as continuing to work with women to stand up to depression and reclaim their lives.

In October I’ll be hosting my first mindset event, which will explore not only mental fitness but also physical health through yoga. With so much to look forward to with the business and my own health back on track, I’m feeling stronger than ever.

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