Victoria Walsh, Founder of Victoria Walsh Coaching

Helping professionals to shape their careers and performance so they keep loving the work that they do

After graduating from university, I was attracted to marketing. I’ve always loved understanding people and in the early part of my career I was fascinated by consumer behaviour, which led to the creation of many successful marketing campaigns. By the age of 30 I was operating at board level and handling major accounts for a number of global companies, as well as enjoying creative work in London-based agencies.

I got married in 2005 and made plans to start a family. Time went by and I had two children, which was wonderful, but I’d grown disillusioned with marketing and felt stuck in my career. By this point I’d successfully transitioned into agency leadership – working with people more than brands and helping them grow. This energised me, but after a while my balance of life and a lack of interest in the marketing world started to take its toll on my health. By 2015 I’d set up my own coaching business – drawing upon years of professional and personal experience to affect positive change in others.

Four years on, I’m proud I pushed through the resistance to change – staying resilient with a positive frame of mind. It’s difficult working alone when you’ve always been part of a big team, as well as trying to establish yourself in a new industry, but coaching people to find the belief, clarity and skills to keep on loving and excelling in their careers is all the motivation I need.

When my son was nine, he came home from school and explained he’d been asked to write about someone who inspires him. Expecting to hear it was a footballer, I was blown away when he said he’d written about me because I always persevere. As a mum first and foremost, my criteria for success is to inspire my children to be whoever they wish to be – and knowing that I set a strong example to my son is the perfect foundation for that dream to come true.

My advice is to be yourself in business and avoid comparisons; they’re the root of all evil. There’s only one you, so believe in what you can offer and that passion will shine through to everyone.

Victoria Walsh Coaching