Viv Chamberlin-Kidd, Shamanic Practitioner at Essentially Shamanic

Empowering those who want more control in their lives using various healing methods

Being totally honest, it’s only recently I’ve sat down and really thought about how my business works. Since founding my shamanic practice in 2014, I’ve treated it more like a hobby that I charge people for… There are even days when I wonder if I should do it all for free. Because my mission is to empower people to be their best, whole selves so they can live a balanced and intentional life, I’ve sometimes struggled internally to recognise that it’s perfectly fine for clients (who are actively seeking me out) to pay for the professional service that I’m delivering. After all, they have already thought about their own value – otherwise they wouldn’t be prepared to make the investment.

Whilst it’s taken a monumental shift in mindset to place the true value on what I do – taking into account business-related areas such as marketing, preparation, delivery and client aftercare – I’m really pleased that I’ve got there and Essentially Shamanic is now a reality. I’ve discovered my passion and, with the love and support of my family, I’m living my best life whilst empowering others.

My journey to becoming a shamanic practitioner began in earnest when my two children were eight and four. I attended the Hoffman Process – a seven-day intense residential course held on the South Coast – when some things were happening in my personal life that I needed to address in a more open-minded way. Living in Yorkshire, it was really hard to leave my family for a whole week – especially as I was home educating my children, so I’d never left them before – but I did it and the experience was truly life-changing.

Feeling liberated from what I’d learned about changing inherited behavioural patterns, I then decided to honour my spiritual side – devoting five years to training as a shamanic practitioner under the mentorship of an author whose teachings as regards soul retrieval and shamanic healing truly resonated.

Now the children are older, I am looking at the business in a wider context and I’ve introduced the use of essential oils to help my clients with physical, emotional and spiritual issues – as well as continuing to utilise my training in other holistic modalities.

Essentially Shamanic