Zina Arinze, Founder of Believe and Live Again

Working with women to regain their feminine power after divorce and relationship breakups 

I decided to become an entrepreneur to make something beautiful from a traumatic personal experience.

This story begins with my ex-husband. When we were together, I was working in IT as a project management consultant – having previously been a solicitor specialising in family law. He was studying for his conversion medical exams and my income was enough to support us and our two children.

I always thought that everyone had lots of rocky patches in their relationships – and as a Born-Again Christian, I’d pray to God that things would work out when they happened in mine. The relationship continued to deteriorate and divorce proceedings began in 2007, with the decree absolute issued in 2010. It was a painful time and I needed to heal, but focusing on the positives, I underwent my own reinvention.

I got into coaching professionally in 2011 and founded my business a year later after becoming a certified divorce recovery and reinvention coach. Building it has been a cathartic process – making me strong and as committed as ever to helping women live the life they deserve.

The Believe and Live Again ‘From “We” to “Me”’ signature 12-step programme I’ve created revolves around the following themes: ‘Release’, ‘Reflect’, ‘Renew’, ‘Reinvigorate’ and ‘Reinvent’.

In 2017 I self-published a book, ‘Reinvent You! How to Move from “We” to “Me” After Divorce’ (available on Amazon) and a year later I launched a sister coaching service named The Reinvent You! Experience, which is tailored for women trapped by any type of trauma – not just divorce. Through this offering I deliver annual events in July where participants undergo immersion therapy and are paired up with accountability partners to stay on course with their goals. I also follow up with everyone later in the year to see how they’re doing and check if they require further support.

This December marks the one-year anniversary of a charity I’ve founded named The Reinvent You After Abuse Foundation, which supports women living through abuse and who feel ashamed and buried under stigma. In the BAME community in particular this is commonplace, but our work is about showing these women they’re not alone and that they have the strength to make changes.

Believe and Live Again